Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Safe and Healthy - Raising Teen Awareness About Sexual Health

Granted, we'd all like to live in an ideal world, were there is plenty for all and kindness all around. A place where keeping options open and not becoming sexually active is delayed long enough for youth to enjoy being young. That being said, it is incredibly important that we hold on to what we aspire and be realistic about what is. In this hypersexualized world, sexual activity happens. When youth begin exploring their sexuality, adults need to be able to have informed discussions with them and aid youth in still keeping options open (by using contraceptive barriers) and by being able to openly discuss health risks like sexually transmitted diseases. Our own, Dr Jill Foster discusses this in the video below:
Healthy Kids Dr Foster

Dr Foster is the Drector of the Dorothy Mann Center for Pediatric and Adolescent HIV; Chief of Immunology and Associate Chair for Clinical Operations at St.Christopher's Hospital for Children, Drexel University College of Medicine.


  1. I feel we really can't make any one aware about Sexual Health. every one know about it but no one really takes care. because they do have many precautions.

  2. Often, despite 'thinking that we all know all about it' there is information that people don't know or fully understand (e.g. how does a female condom work? how anal sex can give you a sexually transmitted infection and 'counts' as sex, Can you pass on HPV?) Even though there is lots of talk and images about sexuality, we've found that a lot of people aren't quite sure about their own anatomy and rely on what 'they've heard' which may not be accurate. So getting the information in a clear and forthright way can really help.