Monday, March 19, 2012

Protein Power!

  • Protein is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues.

  • It produces enzymes, hormones, and other substances the body uses.

  • It regulates body processes, such as water balancing, transporting nutrients, and making muscles contract.

  • Protein is contained in every part of your body: the skin, muscles, hair, blood, body organs, eyes, fingernails and bones.

  • Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in your body.

  • Proteins are made of small units called amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

  • There are 8 amino acids that we must get from foods these are called ESSNETIAL amino acids.

  • Excess protein will be stored as fat.

  • Without exercise, the fat will keep building.

  • Excess protein may also result in osteoporosis (bone loss) and kidney stones (a solid piece of material that forms in a kidney).

Eat Protein Properly:
Not all protein is found in meat. Other great sources of protein include:
o Soy: Edamame, soy nuts, tofu, soy milk
o Dairy: Yogurt, milk, cottage cheese,
o Nuts: All different kinds!
o Whole grains: Bread, rice, pasta
· Do not make protein the largest portion of your meal; that honor should go to vegetables.
· Limit your intake of red meat as much as possible.
· Eat fish a couple times a week.
· Try and replace meat with beans or tofu 2-3 times a week.

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