Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Vitamin you should Definitely have

We’ve all heard it: “Get your vitamins!” For most vitamins, you can get them by eating a well-balanced diet. After watching a news segment with DUCOM’s Dr. Sherif, I was surprised to find that there is a particular vitamin that is very difficult to get enough of just from food. VITAMIN D! While all vitamins are very important, vitamin D is particularly important because it benefits almost EVERY part of the body. Vitamin D not only helps your body absorb calcium, it also helps maintain strong bones, maintain a healthy immune system , and helps to control cell growth.

Since vitamin D helps absorb calcium, it goes hand in hand with the delevopment of osteoporosis. Just getting calcium isn't enough. You need vitamin D to properly absorb calcium and thus prevent this all too prevalent disease.

So….How can we get it?

Vitamin D is produced in our skin when it’s exposed to sun. However, in the winter months, we really aren’t exposed to sun that much or we are constantly using sunscreen, blocking the light from penetrating our skin. Thus, many of us are Vitamin D deficient.

The best alternative to the sun is to take a supplement. You can buy a supplement at most drugstores including CVS and Rite Aid. I’ve been taking the gummy vitamin D supplements. The brand is Vitafusion and a bottle of 150 gummies is around $5. These and other supplements will supply you with enough vitamin D so you don’t have to worry about not getting enough sun exposure!

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