Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love your feet

Did you know that your feet are the most strained part of the body? When you really think about it, feet have it pretty rough. They have to hold up the rest of your body, they're always on the ground, they get stepped on, and they spend countless hours without air in stuffy socks and shoes. We take time to pamper our hands and the rest of our body but sometimes our feet get overlooked. So here are some tips on how to give your feet the utmost care.

· Wash your feet daily. See to that you wash off the soap thoroughly and dry them properly, especially between the toes where moisture settles, and creates problems.

· Trim your nails regularly. Do not make it too short and cut out or dig at corners. Massage your feet every night with oil, which will relax your feet and keep them soft and supple.

· Always wear the footwear which is comfortable rather than fashionable. Use foot powder before you wear your shoes.

· Wear the shoes that fit you. If your shoes are too tight or if it does not fit properly then corns will appear on the bony areas of your foot due to the pressure and your blood circulation will get disturbed.

· If your feet are dry, you can apply petroleum jelly and cover them with socks so that they become soft and smooth. To relax your feet, rub a soda can or a tennis ball. Make sure you DO NOT apply any lotion in between your toes, as it can lead to skin infection.

By taking care of your feet you are not only maintaining your personal hygiene but also preventing yourself from getting affected by diseases like arthritis, nerve disorders, circulatory disorders and others.

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