Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Eating Tips!

Since I’ve become interested in nutrition, I’ve had a few friends ask about diet tips and food in general. I sent this to my friend yesterday to give him some tips he can start to use as he works to improve his diet and I thought I’d share them with you all...

7 Overall Healthy Eating Suggestions:

1. Eat breakfast every day. It doesn’t have to be a large breakfast. Even fruit would be fine. You’ll get your metabolism going and burn more calories. You need to break the fats so you don’t overeat during the rest of the day!
2. Whole/wheat whole grains ALWAYS. No white rice or white pasta EVER AGAIN. I’m pretty vigilant about this because white rice and white pasta have been stripped of all the nutrients/complex (good) carbs and you are left with nothing but bad carbs that turn into sugar and make you fat and sick. If you just can’t live without white rice or pasta, then limit them to an actual serving (not a huge bowlful) and add veggies or protein on top.
3. Drink water as often as possible. I know it’s tough in the winter but if you can get in 3 to 4 water bottles/8 glasses a day, your body will thank you. It also REALLY helps to keep everything moving, if you know what I mean. If cold water doesn’t do it for the fall/winter months, then try herbal teas or seltzer water with a slice of lemon to make it more interesting.
4. Snack on nuts rather than candy or other processed junk (although it’s better to eat them raw, I cannot give up my cinnamon almonds from Trader Joe’s just yet)
5. Eat fruit and vegetables everyday – this is hard….really hard sometimes, but if you can try to incorporate them in your meals or as a snack… many vitamins and antioxidants protection you from tons of horrible diseases. Dip celery in salsa or layer a bit of peanut butter on baby carrots. Right now, apples are in season – so maybe try an apple a day to keep the doctor away!
6. When you see organic and the price is right, get it. If not, try to buy things with the fewest additives. For example, you could toss in some strawberries into that yogurt – why not buy both and minimize the syrupy impact of prepackaged on your body?
7. Read the nutrition label + ingredients list on the back of the product when grocery shopping. The label lets you know how a particular product will fit into your daily dietary needs while the ingredients list lets you know what exactly is in your product. For more information and resources on Nutrition Labels/Ingredients please click HERE

I hope these suggestions help in your quest to become the healthiest person you can be!

I leave you with my current favorite quote:
“It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.” –Gandhi

***Lastly….some food (well drink, really) for thought:
Why aren’t there nutrition labels on alcohol?
-I’ll research the answer to this question and get back to you