Monday, January 16, 2012

Eating healthy on a budget

The best way to eat healthfully and frugally (i.e. on a budget) is to cook at home!

- Cooking at home lets you cut out excess salt, oil, butter, and sugar.
- It also allows you to take advantage of deals on food items.

The next best way to eat healthy on a budget is to take some time to plan your shopping venture.
- Look at the weekly ads for your local grocer.
- Make a list of what you want/need.
- Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and not the middle aisles. The middle aisles usually have unhealthy items like processed foods, chips and ice cream.

-Take advantage of store savings and coupons. Using coupons while items are on sale will double your savings (I once bought a 4 pack of nonfat yogurt for $.40! The yogurt was on sale for $1.50 and there happened to be a manufactures coupon attached for $.55 cents off and the particular grocery store double the value of the manufactures coupons giving me $1.10 off of the $1.50 sale price! )

Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. These go on sale more often making them more affordable.
- Organic does not necessarily equal healthy. You don’t have to buy organic products to have a healthy diet. Nonorganic fruits and vegetables contain all the same nutritional values.

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